One film is frequently the outgrowth of another. Taking the same cinéma vérité approach as Next Exit and the familial concerns of PANLa bohème  is both an experimental film and a community building social project. Using my own family dynamic as the backdrop, the film is a quasi-documentary, fictional mystery film hybrid that utilizes the writings of Japanese avant-garde dramatist Shuji Terayama as a structure that allows me to re-familiarize myself with both the country I left and my family. It is an investigation of lost time, an exploration into what took place in the past 16 years while I was away from Japan: from my mother’s loss of her spouse to my sister’s obsession with Adrian Vandenberg, a Dutch guitar player from the famous 80’s rock & roll band Whitesnake, to the declining national birthrate and the problems of a largely aging Japanese society. Moreover, the work seeks to challenge the lack of support for those in need of psychiatric support within the community and the healthcare system for those suffering from chronic illness, loss, grief and depression. A central part of La bohème’s mission is to assist my mother in her efforts to create a community and space to openly talk and share such experiences with others in Japanese culture.

Iede No Susume By Terayama, who encouraged “runaway” movement in Japan in the late 1960s.